General Information

Test Results
If you have had blood tests done at the surgery, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact us for the results. You can phone the surgery after 3pm for this purpose. Please do not assume that we will contact you, ALWAYS telephone for your results.

Home Visits
If you require a home visit you will need to contact the surgery before 10.00am. Your details will be taken and a doctor will call you back as soon as is possible to discuss your problem and decide whether a home visit is required.

There is strict guidance with regards home visit requests and it is important to note that lack of transport and/or childcare would not warrant a home visit.

Violent or Abusive Patients
In the interests of both staff and patients the practice has a zero tolerance towards any patient who is threatening, violent or abusive whilst at the surgery or when a health professional makes a home visit. 

Such patients may be reported to the police and or removed from the practice’s list.  Patients removed from the list will be notified in writing of the reasons for removal and the action they need to take to register at another practice.

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